A logit regression program in Excel

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This logit regression program in Excel is optimised to work with ELISA-data.
The program can be used for fitting all sigmoid and half-sigmoid curves and even a straight line.

Read the instructions carefully on the sheet "Instructions" in the XLS-worksheet.
The program let you choose:
- the number of significant digits in the result,
- it calculates an average of the results,
- it warns in red when a results deviates more then a give percentage from the mean,
- and many more

Advise (rules of thumb)
Do not use more than 5 doses and one blank. (This logit needs a blank! (zero dose)).
If you want to use more data points invest in multiplos instead of more doses.
The lowest point of the curves must be higher than 10 times the standard deviations of the noise in your blank
The highest point of your curves should be 10% higher in response than the second highest response.
Do not copy, move and paste in the worksheet. If the program does not work properly use a new clean copy of it.

Five versions of the Logit program in an Excel-sheet are available.

ELISA-logit21042005 First validated program
ELISA-Logit-V04apr2007 V21042005 --> V04apr2007 absorbance file input directly from two types of ELISA-readers.
ELISA-Logit-V25Oct2009 V04apr2007 --> V25Oct2009 Corrected some type errors in text

V25Oct2009 --> V18jun2011 Corrected some type errors in text; added example files; added < or > result in average column
V18Jun2011 --> V01Sept2012 Added calculation of result > or < range times dilution
Added logit log graph. Corrected minor issues

ELISA-Logit-V03Feb2013_1.xls V03Feb2013_1. Small bug that data in matrixresult are sorted after "Sort on name".
ELISA-Logit-V24May2017.xlsm V24May2017. Latest final stable version.
Handleiding_Logit_in_Excel.pdf Manual in Dutch


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