Woordklok software versions

This Arduino code controls the ATMEGA328 chip on the PCB board that controls the 24 LED strips of the Word Clock
Attached to this PCB are: 
- RCT DS3231 ZS-042 clock module
- KY-040 Keyes Rotary Encoder
- LDR light sensor 5528
- Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module HC05
- DCF77 module DCF-2
- FM Stereo Radio Module RDA5807M RRD-102V2.0  
A 74HC595 ULN2803APG combination regulates the LEDs by shifting in bits into the 74HC595 to turn On or Off the LEDs
A FT232RL 5.5V FTDI USB to TTL Serial Module can be attached to program the ATMEGA and read the serial port
The HC05 Bluetooth module is used to read and write information or instructions to the clock
The DCF77 module can be attached to adjust the time to the second with German longwave time signal received by the module
The FM-module can be used to read the RDS-time from radio station or to play FM-radio station from within the clock


Basic program

Bluetooth and temperature added

Coding to read time from RDS signal with a FM-radio module

Added Atom clock DCF77 signal receiver software

Added English front possibility and #ifdef to increase Arduino memory
Character_Clock_V090_ZW-BT-FM-DCF.ino --> plain source code

Latest stable version for Arduino ATMEGA 328 and 1284 processor and LCD support


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