Family Dysderidae

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In this family, we can find two genera (Dysdera and Harpactea) with both two species in NW-Europe.

These spiders vary in size between 5 and 14 mm and have an elongated body.


Like the Oonopidae, Segestriidae and Scytodidae, they also have six eyes. It is a sinister looking spider with two enormous fangs.
The spiders spent the day under stones, especially stones that are warmed by the sun, in a silken cell in which the female spider lays her eggs. It is an active runner. The Dysdera crocata is a cosmopolitan in the United States and usually found around buildings.
She is agressive and will defend herself very quickly. Her bite can be annoying like the prick of a needle.
Dysdera has a prey specialisation in woodlice.

Genus Dysdera


Dysdera crocata female Dysdera crocata male
Dysdera crocata Dysdera sp.
Dysdera erythrina Dysdera erythrina jaws
Dysdera crocata jaws  

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