Sac or tube spiders, Family Clubionidae

Clubiona lutescens
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Family Clubionidae

The spiders are not large and mostly brownish without any clear markings. They are nocturnal hunters and they spent their daytime in a densely woven silk cell that often had two openings. The spiders make their living tubes under stones, loose bark, between moss but also between leaves.
Mating takes place in this living tube. There is almost no foreplay when the male approaches the female. The mother guards here eggs and after hatching the young remain in the living tube for some time.
The do not make a web to catch but actively hunt for their prey. They use two tactics for prey capture. The easy way, just wait or like a cat crawling to the prey and jump on it. They can walk on rough or flat surfaces like glass.
The fourth leg pair are often the longest pair. Their spinners are large.
The species are very similar in appearance and determination by look is almost impossible.

These spiders are small as you can see when the male Clubiona stagnatilis is running in my hand.

Note the reflection of the flashlight in the two reflecting eyes. --->
The other six eyes do not reflect light. Reflecting eyes make the spider see better in the dark.
The spiders hangs on a thin thread between my fingers.

These spiders can fly by what is called ballooning.

Genus Clubiona

Nineteen species are represented by this genus in Europe. Their abdomen is usually dull brownish or reddish gray. They hunt at night and spend the day in a cell of silk that can be found under stones and bark. These spiders are between 5 and 12 mm long.

Clubiona comta Clubiona comta
Clubiona comta Clubiona comta
Clubiona comta
Clubiona comta juvenile Clubiona comta male underside
Clubiona corticalis male Clubiona corticalis male
Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens
Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens with egg-sac
Clubiona pallidula
Clubiona pallidula Picture by Frans Hoogstraten

Clubiona stagnatilis female

Clubiona stagnatilis female

Clubiona stagnatilis female with younsters

Clubiona stagnatilis male

Clubiona ZZ257 Clubiona stagnatilis male
Clubiona terrestris male Clubiona terrestris male
Clubiona ZZ343 Clubiona ZZ343

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