Programming the ATtiny85

This page is a short overview how to program an ATtiny85. Many sites and instructions can be found on the internet and this page contains the ones I used for my usage.
The ATtiny85 is is a 8-pin, 1MHz - 20 MHz processor that can be used in projects where not all the pins of a ATmega328 are used.
Because the processor can run at 1.7V with a clock frequency of 1MHz on an internal crystal and when used in combination with the sleep functions power usage can be very low. See Nick Gammon site:
Not all libraries are happy with clock speeds other than 16MHz. See my DCF77-ATtiny85 project here
How to install and program the ATtiny85 can be found here:
In short:
• Open the preferences dialog in the Arduino software.
• Find the “Additional Boards Manager URLs” field near the bottom of the dialog.
Paste the following URL into the field (use a comma to separate it from any URLs you’ve already added):
• Click the OK button to save your updated preferences.
• Open the boards manager in the “Tools > Board” menu.
• Click on the ATTiny entry. An install button should appear. Click the install button.

The extensive colorful pin lay-out of the ATtiny85 is from this site:

I made a small programming board as described in this instructable:

ATtiny85 programmer

The Arduino-IDE is programmed as shown below

Arduino IDE ATTINY85

A blue LED is connected to pin 9 of the Arduino board to show the heartbeat  of the Arduino program.
The red LED is connected to the Reset of the ATtiny and Arduino pin 10.

The ATtiny85 datasheet can be found here


Ed Nieuwenhuys, November 2017  
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