Family Nicodamidae

Red and black spider

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The family Nicodamidae consist of nine genera with 29 descibed species, all living in Australia, one in New Guinea and one in New-Zealand. (See table below)

Genus Nicodamus

This genus was transferred from the family Therriidae in 1970.

Nicodamus peregrinus was formerly called Nicodamus bicolor. The common name of this spider is Red and black spider.
Nicodamus peregrinus
occurs in Eastern Australia. Nicodamus mainae looks identical and is found in Western Australia.
This spider, especially the males, waves their front legs and taps the ground with their palps while walking. The spider lives on the ground between bark, leaves and other debris. The male is between 8 and 12 mm while the female is a little larger with a length between 10 and 14 mm.
The head-breast (cephalothorax) is scarlet red. The legs and palps are coloured red and black and the abdomen is black with a red tip at the end around the spinners.
The females make a horizontal irregular horizontal tangled sheet-web with a diameter between 15 and 20 cm in hollow logs or between stones. The egg-sac is flat made of white fluffy silk filled with 35-50 eggs with a diameter of around 1 mm. They feed on a variety of insects.

Nicodamus peregrinus Nicodamus peregrinus
Nicodamus peregrinus Picture by Julie Newton NSW  


Family Nicodamidae Simon, 1898


Genus Ambicodamus Harvey, 1995

Ambicodamus audax Harvey, 1995; Eastern Australia
Ambicodamus crinitus L.Koch, 1872; New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania
Ambicodamus dale Harvey, 1995; Queensland
Ambicodamus darlingtoni Harvey, 1995; New South Wales
Ambicodamus emu Harvey, 1995; Queensland
Ambicodamus kochi Harvey, 1995; Western Australia
Ambicodamus leei Harvey, 1995; South Australia
Ambicodamus marae Harvey, 1995 ; Western Australia
Ambicodamus sororius Harvey, 1995; Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Ambicodamus southwelli Harvey, 1995; New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania
Ambicodamus urbanus Harvey, 1995; New South Wales

Genus Dimidamus Harvey, 1995

Dimidamus arau Harvey, 1995; New Guinea
Dimidamus dimidiatus Simon, 1897 ; Queensland, New South Wales
Dimidamus enaro Harvey, 1995; New Guinea
Dimidamus leopoldi Roewer, 1938; New Guinea
Dimidamus sero Harvey, 1995; New Guinea
Dimidamus simoni Harvey, 1995; Victoria

Genus Durodamus Harvey, 1995

Durodamus yeni Harvey, 1995 ; Queensland, Victoria, South Australia

Genus Forstertyna Harvey, 1995

Forstertyna marplesi Forster, 1970 ; New Zealand

Genus Litodamus Harvey, 1995

Litodamus collinus Harvey, 1995; Tasmania
Litodamus hickmani Harvey, 1995 ; Tasmania
Litodamus olga Harvey, 1995; Tasmania

Genus Megadictyna Dahl, 1906

Megadictyna thilenii Dahl, 1906 ; New Zealand

Genus Nicodamus Simon, 1887

Nicodamus mainae Harvey, 1995; Western Australia, South Australia
Nicodamus peregrinus Walckenaer, 1842 ; Eastern Australia

Genus Novodamus Harvey, 1995

Novodamus nodatus Karsch, 1878 ; New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania
Novodamus supernus Harvey, 1995; New South Wales

Genus Oncodamus Harvey, 1995

Oncodamus bidens Karsch, 1878 ; New South Wales
Oncodamus decipiens Harvey, 1995; Queensland, New South Wales



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