Scorpion spiders, flat rock spiders

Family Throchanteriidae

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Genus Hemicloea / Rebilus

These flat spiders with an ovoid abdomen can be found in the drier parts of Australia. The genus Rebilus is related to this genus and the spider are similiar in appearance. The distinctive difference are the number of spinnerets, Hemicloea has 3 pairs of spinners and Ribelus two pair.
The female spider is 9 to18 mm long, the male is smaller and between 7 - 12 mm.
The spider has eight eyes in two rows.
These spiders make a circular white disc as egg-sacs with a diameter of 20 -30 mm. In each of the three or four sacs 50-80, 1.2 mm large eggs, are laid. They hide under bark and stones.

Hemicloea ZZ327 from Hamelin pool, WA Hemicloea ZZ327
Hemicloea ZZ358
Hemicloea by Robert Read, Alice Springs Hemicloea ZZ358 Brisbane
Hemicloea ZZ420
Hemicloea ZZ067 QLD Hemicloea ZZ420 WA by Fahran Bokhari
Hemicloea ZZ420  
Hemicloea ZZ420 WA by Fahran Bokhari  


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