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This app is an universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) terminal app.
It receives and sends strings in UTF-8, HEX, decimal, Octal or binary format.
The app runs on IOS devices and connects with devices equipped with Texas Instruments CC254x BLE Bluetooth modules like HM-10 or JDY-23 and Nordic nRF MCU's built in Arduino's like Nano 33 IOT, RP2040 Connect or MKR1010. 

When connected, strings can be send and received from the connected device.
I mainly use the app to display a menu structure send by the connected device with all the instructions that can be send to it.

An BLE explanation and an Arduino example program here

When the app is started an available BLE device can be selected from a list.
- With several options communication specifics can be set.
- With programmable buttons commands can be sent.
- Audible or silent alarms can be set on received message.

Several Arduino source codes are here and here Github/ednieuw that utilises this app.  

When the app is started and Bluetooth is enabled on the device a list of devices appear in a list.BLEservices

Pressing the wheel in the top left op corner of the screen opens the "App settings" screen.
The app only connects to CC254x BLE or the nRF BLE by selecting the switch.
If the switch "Show all" is ON all available Bluetooth devices in the neighbourhood are shown.

in the "App settings" screen a message can be entered after a connection is made and at the bottom of the screen Functions (see explanation below) can be imported or exported.

Press "Done" and select a Bluetooth connection.
list with BLE devices protocol choices
An empty Console screen will open.

If an Arduino or other Micro controller is connected, with the proper software running on it, data will arrive. (A simple program for Arduino here: BLESerialUsage.html)

Press in the bottom in the line "Enter  message" and the keyboard will open.

If the icon at the right side of the bottom line is pressed a menu opens:
The Format: UTF8, Hex, Dec, Oct or Bin
Append to end: None, \n, \t, or \r\n
Max chuck size: the longest message string allowed before being cut in multiple parts.
When the workset icon is pressed the "Display options" menu opens.

Most setting like; font size, auto scroll, display sent messages, time stamp, and so on, will be clear.

The option "Clear on new message" option only shows the last received message and clear the previous message from the screen.
console menu  
Pressing the red cross, top left, will leave the windows.

Pressing the bin icon will clear the screen.

Pressing Functions will start the functions screen.

Buttons with commands can be used and created

Function on a iPad
Buttons on a iPad screen
FunctionsWhen the workset is pressed a screen opens where buttons and empty spaces, between de buttons, can be created.
Pressing the wheel, top left, opens a screen where the button size and how many buttons per row are defined.
With the plus sign, bottom left, buttons or clear element are added.
Pressing Edit, right bottom, makes deleting or editing of the positions possible.
Press Done when finished.

Pressing the three dots or the bell, if visible, opens the window to define alerts, select the sounds of an alert and the trigger.
Pressing the export icon, íf visible, or the three dots, right top, export the console view contents to a file or what's so ever.

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Source code

Source codes can be found in Github with a GNU General Public License v3.0.

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