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  Calibration programs

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The European spider site
The Australian spider site
Araneoj in Esperanto
Spinnen in het Nederlands

 ERA pics

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Macro photography of spiders in Europe and Australia

This site contains over 4000 pictures of European and Australian spiders and information about them.
The European spiders were mainly found in The Netherlands and France. The Australian spiders were for the greater part found in Queensland and in lesser amounts in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. The European spider site can be read in English, Dutch, and some pages in Esperanto, the Australian pages are English.
There is a section about the common biology of the spider, and the venomity of spiders.

The spiders are identified from the pictures to avoid killing the spider. Therefore there may be errors in the determination.
Due to constant renaming and moving spiders between families some names may be outdated.
Many people helped me in supplying pictures and correcting errors.
Before 2005 the pictures were digitized with a Nikon Coolscan III from negatives or color slides. Between 2005 and 2019 the pictures are digital images made with a Minolta Dynax 7D with 100 mm macro lens. Since 2018 a Canon 550D or 6D with a 100 mm or the MP-E 65 mm 5x macro lens are used.


Other interesting's

Electronics in combination with Arduino's and Raspberry Pi's is the new hobby for many people.
The word- and Fibonacci-clocks are the result of a study of ATMEGA-chips using all kind of electronic parts and connecting all kind of devices, controls and displays using the language C for programming.
I worked in an immunological diagnostic and research laboratory.
Some spin-off programs can be found on Github.

here is a section about the life and works of my grandfather Hein de Bruin

Klaverjassen is a Dutch card game. The program below is an adaption of the original game and has to be played with two persons. In this case you against the computer. All programs are free of charge or what so ever.

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A Dutch radio play for children
Hoorspel Olifantje Boem

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