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This page contains links to the several IOS apps

BLEserial Pro is the latest app

BLEserial BLEserial BLEserial BLEserial
CC254x BLEserial HM-10

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CC254x and nRF BLE

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CC254x BLE

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CC2541 and similar chipsets are made by Texas instruments.
With this chipset many modules on the market with names like HM-10, HM-16, JDY-23 and BT-05

nRF chipsets are produced by Nordic. You find them in microcontrollers like the Arduino and Raspberry.

Four serial terminal apps are available.
Two Tiny apps with only a serial terminal and two priced apps with more features.

The BLEserial Pro is a upgrade from the BLEserial HM-10. 
Afraid of disrupting functionality in the BLEserial HM-10 app this app will remain unchanged.

The  Pro app contains in addition the nRF protocol and is IOS15 compatible and depreciated function are replaced by modern functions.

Source code

Source codes can be found in Github with a GNU General Public License v3.0.

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