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BLE Serial tiny HM-10

This a serial monitor that can send strings in UTF-8 between an IOS device and an device equipped with BLE Bluetooth modules like HM-10 or JDY-23. 
An BLE explanation and Arduino example program here

When the app is started an available BLE device can be selected.

- With several options one can optimize the communication.

Several Arduino source codes are here or on Github/ednieuw that utilises this app.  

The more advanced app "BLEserial HM-10" has many more features and can be found here:
Apple app store:  

Its workings
When the app is started for the first time an premission to use Bluetooth is asked
Press "Connect" to see a list of HM-10 modules to choose from.
Select a connection and communication starts.
You can enter commands at the bottom of the console view
When pressing "Settings" CR & LF options can be selected

iPhone previews
iPad previews        
Movies    See the app in action on an iPad and iPhone 8  


Source code

The source code can be found in Github with a GNU General Public License v3.0.

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