Spiny legs spiders or wandering spiders

Family Zoridae

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This is a small family with 13 genera with 74 species world wide.

Genus Argoctenus

Ten species are represented in Australia (see below).
The spider resembles the Pardosa genus of the family Lycosidae.
The striking difference is the narrowed carapace (head) of this spider. Also the arrangement of the eyes is a little different.

Argoctenus sp. ZZ287

Ed Nieuwenhuys, January 4, 2009
Jurgen Otto, March 2005

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Argoctenus aureus, New Zealand
Argoctenus australianus, New South Wales
Argoctenus bidentatus, Western Australia
Argoctenus devisi, New Guinea
Argoctenus gracilis, South Australia
Argoctenus hystriculus, Western Australia
Argoctenus igneus, Western Australia
Argoctenus nebulosus, Western Australia
Argoctenus pectinatus, Victoria
Argoctenus pictus, Australia
Argoctenus vittatus, Australia, New Caledonia, Lord Howe Is.

From The World Spider Catalog, Version 5.5. by Norman I. Platnick